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Listening to music is one of the best types of leisure since then. Music became an essential part of people during their free time or working hours. Over the years, people are satisfied with the benefit of music streaming services. Pandora Music is perhaps one of the most popular platforms for music listening.

Pandora is the largest music streaming platform in the United States headquartered in Oakland, California. It is the leading music and podcast discovery platform, bragging its 70 million active users every month. This service is available through a music app for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. 

Every Music streaming service has its pros and cons. Although Pandora has a lot of advantages and satisfying features, it also has some down shots. The topic below is the most common problem of Pandora music users.

Why Does Pandora Music Keep Pausing?

There are various reasons why pandora keeps pausing, both on iOS and Android devices. The most common one is the unstable internet connection. If the device has a poor connection, it causes the songs to stop unexpectedly.

Another reason for this issue is the device’s battery. If your iPhone or Android phone runs out of battery, the low-power mode automatically turns on. It can cause the prohibition of using some apps and affect the performance of Pandora Music.

Music or video streaming applications may also be a factor why Pandora Music keeps on pausing. It’s because some of these apps impede the playback. It causes the device to crash and eventually results in Pandora’s intermittent stop. Fortunately, there are troubleshooting techniques for these problems on Androids and iPhones.

How to fix Pandora Music Stopped Working?

For every problem, there is a corresponding solution. When Pandora Music users encounter this kind of problem, fixing it is the first thing that comes to mind. Below are the different ways to troubleshoot Pandora Music stopping issues.

For Android Devices

First off, for Android phones, you can manage the data of the applications through settings. The easiest way to fix the stopping issue is to clear the app data of Pandora Music. Open the Settings app, click the Application Manager, select the Pandora app, and then hit the Storage button to clear the app data.

If the issue prevails, check if your phone’s low-power mode is turned on. If it is, open the Settings app again, choose Device Maintenance, click battery, look for Power Saving Mode, and then toggle the switch to turn it off. Also, make sure to turn off any third-party power-saving apps installed on your device.

The last troubleshooting technique is downgrading the sound quality of Pandora. If your internet connection is not dependable, streaming music with high quality becomes a problem. To lower the sound quality, launch the app and hit your profile. Click on Settings, select Audio Quality & Download, then uncheck the Higher Quality Audio box.

For iOS Devices

There are two ways iPhone users can troubleshoot the stopping issue of the Pandora Music app. The first one is perhaps the best and easiest way to do so. You have to restart your iPhone. This maneuver usually solves the problem and averts it from happening again. If this technique doesn’t do the trick, move on to the second solution.

Try uninstalling the Pandora Music app, and then eventually reinstall it again. To do this, hold the Pandora Music icon and click delete. After that, open the App Store and search for Pandora, and then install the app. This trick refreshes the data app data and sets everything back to defaults. It is granted that this solution fixes the stopping issue.


Even though there are a lot of alternatives to use aside from Pandora, it is hard to give up with this great application. So, follow the step by step procedures in the list according to your type of device. These solutions are guaranteed to solve the Pandora Music app’s pausing issue.

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